Kodi was my first Breed Champion, he was shown by my friend
Sharon Calbrecht in the States,finishing as a puppy champion,  
and I showed him myself for his Canadian CH.
He was to be my Ch/OTCH dog...then in 1991, I discovered
agility, a new dog sport in the USA at the time, and as they say,
that was all she wrote!

Kodi then became my 1st agility dog, and boy howdy was that a
A trip that 18 years later I am still enjoying with his great, great,
great, grand son!
That was when dogs over 22" had to jump 30"...Kodi
was 23" if he stretched a lot!  He didn't seem to have
much trouble with the height though!
Kodi enjoyed going along on a
pheasant hunt too. Here he is with Tug
and George, celebrating his birds!
George, Kodi and I in front of the Jump
we made at PCA in 1998